We are looking for volunteers. Will train; email us at littlechutewindmill@gmail.com or call (920) 788-2629!


Celebrate your event with the beauty of the windmill located in downtown Little Chute.  The Windmill is convenient for guests and within walking distance to local businesses.

  • The room can accommodate up to 48 guests.
  • Banquet Tables (three 6 ft. three 8 ft.)
  • Chairs (48)
  • Television/DVD player
  • Small kitchen area (microwave, coffee pot, small fridge, sink)
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Optional Group Tour
  • Rental Fee $100.00 Returnable Deposit $300.00 (this fee must be mailed in the form of a check to PO Box 182, Little Chute, WI  54140)

Contact us at (920) 788-2629 or littlechutewindmill@gmail.com to schedule a tour of the facilities.


Event Room Rental Permit

Must be 18 years or older to rent a room

Items marked with (*) are mandatory to proceed
* The Rent Cost & Group Tour Fees can be combined for payment. This fee can be a separate check from the Deposit fee or you can call us with a credit card number. The Deposit Fee must be a separate check because if the venue is clean and doesn't have damage we will return your check to you.
*Group Tour available for an additional cost of $75.00 (includes an educational tour of the base, grinding floor and upper outside deck by a knowledgeable tour guide). Accept or Decline The Lessee signing this Agreement below, hereby agrees to forfeit said security deposit of $300.00, for any damage to property or items stolen, and costs incurred for cleaning, together with any other liability to the Little Chute Windmill property pursuant to the Rental Permit, whether or not specifically described herein, and to comply with the following hold harmless provisions: Hold Harmless Clause: Lessees shall be liable to the Little Chute Windmill for all losses and damages in connection with both personal and real property resulting from any act or omission of any individual attending the event for which this Permit is issued, whether or not caused by negligence. Lessee shall further indemnify and hold harmless the Little Chute Windmill from any and all damage, or loss, or liability of any kind whatsoever occasioned upon and or within the leased premises (as described in the lease agreement or as permitted for use by oral or other agreement), or ways or walks or concourse adjacent thereto, by reason of any injury or property of any third persons occasioned by any act of omissions, neglect, or wrongdoing of the Lessee or any of his, her and or its officers, agents, representatives, assigns, guests, employees, invites, or other person admitted by the Lessee to the premises, and the Lessee will, at his or her and/or its own cost and expense, defend and protect the Lessor against any and all such claims or demands. Lessee shall further pay and reimburse the Little Chute Windmill for all costs of enforcement and collection resulting from the Rental Permit incurred by the Village, including but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees. Lessee agrees to prevent loitering and the presence of unauthorized persons during all such usage periods, and further authorizes the Little Chute Windmill to expel individuals and/or terminate the Permit immediately without notice in the event the Little Chute Windmill becomes aware of any form of damage, destruction, or other violation of law occurring on Little Chute Windmill property.
  • KEY—The key may be picked up by an adult age 18 or older at the Little Chute Village Hall two days prior to the event. Enter the green double doors by the plaza before 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.
  • UNLOCKING & LOCKING OUTSIDE DOOR—Person responsible for the key is also responsible for Unlocking & Locking the outside doors. You may arrive at the Windmill during your allotted reserved hours only. Using the key outside of reserved hours will be considered trespassing unless confirmed with the Executive Director.
  • RESERVATION OF FACILITIES—Facilities may be reserved at the Little Chute Windmill, Phone (920)788-2629 or by email at littlechutewindmill@gmail.com. Reservations can be made anytime in advance with a minimum of 72 hours advance notice. Reservations for usage are confirmed only when payment is made in full and a signed agreement is on file at the Little Chute Windmill. The fee is $100.00 Rooms may be used for most meetings, group discussions, and receptions except the following: 1) A purpose which interferes with or disrupts the regular operation of the Windmill. 2) The Windmill reserves the right to deny any request. 3) Violations of the agreement or excessive damage to facility may be cause for future denial of room rental.
  • CANCELLATION—Notice to cancel a reservation must be given in a timely manner. Failure to do this will result in being charged at the following rate: 6 weeks in advance, refund 75% of paid rental - 4 weeks in advance, refund 50% of paid rental – 2 weeks in advance, refund 25% of paid rental - Less than 2 weeks, refund 0% of paid rental TIMES—You may arrive at the Windmill any time between the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm (including take down and clean up) unless special permission is granted by the Little Chute Windmill.
  • CLEANING—Please supply your own dish towels and dish soap; brooms and trash liners are provided. Cleaning is to be done immediately after the conclusion of an event. Windmill personnel will inspect the building at 7:00 am the following day for your deposit refund. Exceptions may be made if there is no event the next day and the department is notified prior to the event. All equipment not furnished by the Windmill must be removed from the building following the event. All garbage must be emptied and bags brought to the kitchen. Little Chute recycles! Please place recyclables in the kitchen. Also, please replace the bags in the garbage containers. No decorating is allowed prior to your rental time/date. The Little Chute Windmill will not permit affixing anything to the walls or ceilings with staples, nails, tape, or other fasteners. The Little Chute Windmill will not accept responsibility for special cakes or decorations brought into the facility. All decorations must be removed at the conclusion of the event. **Nail or tack holes will be charged at $5 each.
  • SECURITY/SAFETY—Groups using the Little Chute Windmill are responsible for the contents and security of the building. Opening and closing the building securely will avoid cost of damages to the user from vandalism. Use of candles or any flammable type material is prohibited in the buildings or on the grounds.
  • SMOKING—Smoking is prohibited in the buildings.
  • EQUIPMENT—Tables, chairs and other equipment are not to be removed from the buildings.
  • MUSIC—No live bands or amplification devices such as stereos, radios, etc. with external speakers will be allowed without permission of the Little Chute Windmill.
  • LOADING/UNLOADING--All loading and unloading must be done from the parking lot at the back of the windmill. Parking and loading on the plaza are prohibited.
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT -- Will be returned by mail within 7 days to the address above given all aspects of the contract have been met. Please contact the windmill if you have not received your deposit in 10 days.
  • Sign and Date Below: