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Visit the Windmill Gift Shop for Unique Dutch Heritage Gift Items

A visit to the Little Chute windmill provides a look into Dutch history, a chance to step back into the 1800’s and experience an element of everyday life that affected every member of a given town. Seeing the hundred-foot-tall blades rotating in the wind, watching the gears turning the grinding wheels, talking to the grain miller about how it all comes together…a trip through the Little Chute windmill is a journey back in time that brings Dutch heritage to life. Whether you’re a Hollander celebrating your ancestry or a sightseer checking-out a local tourist attraction, you’ll want to stop in the gift shop and see if there’s a little something to remind you of your visit.

Unlike your average tourist attraction, the windmill gift shop is located within authentic historical buildings along with a museum dedicated to preserving the history of Dutch settlement in the region and providing access to a genealogy database and workspace where visitors can explore their Dutch ancestry.

Located in the front greeting area, the windmill gift shop is home to an array of uniquely Dutch gift items. The shop offers a selection of Delft blue pottery items, originally produced in the 17th century tradition and often considered synonymous with Dutch culture. Other potential keepsakes of a visit to the Little Chute windmill include apparel, pillows, kitchen towels, and jewelry. Striving to provide even the flavor of old-world Holland, the gift shop offers stroopwafels; a traditional sweet treat consisting of two round waffles stuck together with a sticky sweet syrup.

The Little Chute windmill is operated and maintained by Little Chute Windmill, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing an educational, cultural, and enjoyable experience for all persons visiting the authentic functioning Dutch windmill and visitor center in Little Chute, WI. All proceeds from the Gift Shop sales support our operational expenses. We do not receive local or regional public tax support.

The items pictured below are available for purchase online