Commemorative Bricks

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Little Chute’s authentic windmill is the tourist attraction that gives visitors a rare look into Dutch history. From watching the mighty windmill blades rotating in the wind, to seeing the precision wheels and gears turning inside the windmill, to strolling through the historical buildings, a visit to the Little Chute windmill brings visitors closer to the traditions, customs, and culture brought to this area by Dutch settlers over 150 years ago.

Like any tourist attraction, our gift shop offers an array of uniquely Dutch gift items ranging from Delft blue pottery items, apparel, pillows, kitchen towels, jewelry, and stroopwafels; a traditional sweet treat consisting of two round waffles stuck together with a sticky sweet syrup. Unlike other area attractions, however, the Little Chute Windmill, Inc. offers visitors a way to create an especially personal connection to the windmill and their Dutch heritage in the form of commemorative bricks.

Memorial bricks are a lasting gift that supports the ongoing operations and maintenance of the windmill. More than a donation, these custom engraved bricks provide the chance to become part of the community’s history as each brick becomes a part of the windmill grounds…a part of the story it will tell visitors for generations to come. Additionally, the personalized bricks can be a wonderful way to commemorate a special event or memorialize a family member or friend who appreciated the importance of their Dutch ancestry.

If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind way to honor a family member, friend, or business, consider a gift that creates a lasting connection to Dutch history in our community. 

Little Chute Windmill commemorative bricks may be ordered  by completing the form below.  Forms are also available in our gift shop located in the Van Asten Visitor Center during hours of operation April 1 through October 31.  

To learn more, please contact us by phone at (920)788-2629, or by email at


Commemorative Brick Form

To use the brick form on the mobile versions, enter information into each textbox and swipe left to add more information.
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  • All brick sales are final and there are no refunds.
  • The bricks will not be placed immediately. The windmill places bricks once we have 20 orders.
  • The sharp edges of certain characters may chip during engraving and if this occurs the brick is as is and will not be repaired or replaced.
  • Bricks will be engraved and installed no more than once per year.
  • There is no warranty on the brick or engraving and if any damage, destruction or theft happens to the installed brick, the Windmill has no obligation to repair or replace the brick and if a brick is damaged the Windmill may remove the brick without any obligation to repair or replace the brick.
  • If any character the purchaser has written is difficult to read, the Windmill will use its best guess to determine the character. However, if the guess the Windmill makes was not the character the purchaser intended, the Windmill has no obligation to refund any of the purchase price or repair or replace the brick.
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